Masterclass by John Seymour
Tipps from one of Europe's Top 50 P.G.A Pro's

August 2018



In the last edition i stressed how important it is to hold the 90 degree angle.

Another club golfer tendency which blocks forming the angle or the "L" position between the left arm and the club as i like to call it when working with my clients is having the wrong grip.

This is the classical too strong right hand position. (pic 1). Once the right hand is set too far under the club and the thumb sits on top of the grip rather than on the side of it the thumb effectively blocks the ability to make a full wrist - cock leading to the club coming into the impact zone with no angle between the left arm and club.  (pic 2) The resulting shot is mostly straight left as the club will come through the ball closed.(pic 3)

An excellent practice to attain the correct grip and thus the ability to achieve a full wrist- cock is the following.

Take the right thumb and index finger off the club. (pic 4) This will automatically lead to the correct position and balance of the grip with the two middle fingers of the right hand holding the club and the rest being done by the left hand. It is now possible to set the 90 degree angle and hold it coming into the ball (pic 5) and the clubhead will thus be squarer through the shot. (pic 6)